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Acknowledgements and Authorship

Citing and acknowledging ABLeS

The ABLeS program should be both cited and acknowledged in any publication, presentation or grant application.

  1. Cite the ABLeS publication (see below) in any manuscript, publication, presentation or grant application that was supported by data or services provided by ABLeS.

    Manos, Steven, Gustafsson, Ove Johan Ragnar, Al Bkhetan, Ziad, & Francis, Rhys. (2022). Building community data assets for life sciences through ABLeS - the Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (1.0). Zenodo.

  2. Use the following acknowledgement statement:

    “The authors acknowledge the provision of computing and data resources provided by the Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (ABLeS) program. This program is co-funded by Bioplatforms Australia (enabled by NCRIS), the National Computational Infrastructure and Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.”

ABLeS co-authorship policy

Authorship is NOT expected for routine / simple services provided (e.g. tool installation) and an acknowledgement is sufficient in these cases. We approach authorship issues with a generous spirit and aim to fairly attribute contributions.

In some cases, it may be appropriate for ABLeS support staff, or specialists at the NCI or Pawsey to be co-authors on publications. Examples of this include when these specialists provide significant input into the publication, including a significant contribution to method / protocol / pipeline development, study design, data and results analysis, or interpretation.