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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of running jobs on GADI is measured by service units (SU). The number of SUs used by a job can vary based on two main factors:
  1. The amount of walltime used by the job.
  2. The resources reserved for the job.
More details on job debiting can be found here

The allocation of SUs is on a quarterly basis. At the beginning of each quarter, Biocommons will allocate 100 kSU of computational resources to each community. Additional resources will be allocated according to the quarterly plan proposed by the community, as well as the resources still available in that quarter.
Communities should utilise the allocated SUs:
  1. For projects approved by the steering committee.
  2. Using the tools, methods and/or workflows that are suited to their community requirements.
  3. While making sure to consider that the allocation is a shared resource for their community (if in doubt, consult with your community bioinformatics lead, or the BioCommons)
  • Communities can request additional resources when needed through the GoogleForm, if the quarterly plan did not accurately predict resource requirements.
  • Unused SUs **can NOT** be rolled-over to the next quarter.
  • As ABLeS is a shared resource covering many communities, it is expected that each community will adopt a best-effort approach to firstly estimate their computational requirement realistically and accurately, and also actively manage the allocations which are provided (i.e. don’t waste your allocation, as the resource is still finite).

Please see the resources page for more information on the software that is available at the NCI.

Please see the resources page for details on how to acknowledge and cite ABLeS, as well as information about the ABLeS program authorship policy.

Please see this page for contact details.