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The Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (ABLeS)

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About ABLeS

ABLeS is an Australian Biocommons program that aims to grow and simultaneously accelerate the capacity of life science communities to construct, maintain and gain insights from community-defined and developed data assets (e.g. reference genome assemblies). ABLeS provides these communities with access to the tailored mix of infrastructure and computational resources that is necessary to create these assets.

ABLeS communities broadly align with the following three principles:

  1. They are a defined community that are focused on a common research theme
  2. There exists a community-led prioritisation and decision making mechanism (e.g. a steering committee) to prioritise bioinformatics work using relevant computational resources, and
  3. The community has expertise which will drive and execute its bioinformatics agenda.

ABLeS is supported by resources at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. ABLeS support includes infrastructure resources such as high performance computing (HPC), cloud and storage, as well as specialist expertise from the NCI, Pawsey and the ABLeS support team.

More details are available in the ABLeS publication:

Manos, Steven, Gustafsson, Ove Johan Ragnar, Al Bkhetan, Ziad, & Francis, Rhys. (2022). Building community data assets for life sciences through ABLeS - the Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (1.0). Zenodo.

ABLeS is co-funded by Bioplatforms Australia (enabled by NCRIS), the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre.

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