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Resources available for ABLeS communities

Computational resources

ABLeS encompasses 16 million service units (SUs) of compute capacity and 500 TB of storage available per annum on the Gadi supercomputer at the NCI. These SUs can be utilised to run jobs on different nodes of GADI that are equipped with either CPUs or GPUs.

Details on:

ABLes computational resources are allocated to each community according to the quarterly plan submitted by the bioinformatics lead of the community.

Note: Additional resources can be requested through the form here

Specialist expertise

ABLeS communities are supported by the NCI, Pawsey and ABLeS specialists to install, develop, optimise and deploy tools and workflows on ABLeS projects. If you are part of an ABLeS community, and need help, please submit a request through the GoogleForm.

Centrally supported tools and software through NCI (/apps)

Details about software available through the NCI are available here

Shared repository of tools and software

ABLeS communities have access to the Australian BioCommons Tools and Workflows project, in project allocation if89. This is a repository of popular tools, containers and workflows that can be used by anyone in the NCI user community. Anyone from an NCI community can contribute to if89 and add more tools that will be shared with others.

Details on if89 are available at if89 page